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1055 Ruth Street, Suite 8, Prescott, Arizona 86301

Teaching advanced techniques to address most pain and mobility issues, head to toe!

No matter how you see yourself, if you are still breathing, there is HOPE!

When we have setbacks in life that limit our freedom of movement or wellness, our bodies can recover with proper guidance.

At Arising Hope Wellness, I teach the Pilates Method of exercise, help release restricted connective tissue through Rossiter Workouts and I guide clients into healthy dietary choices and supplementation suggestions to improve how you feel in your body.

Julia Bruce has an amazing record of outstanding results. Give her a call today at 928.899.8661 for a free personal consultation and open the door to a “better you”.

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Class Information

Chair Class

Limited to 6 students, the class length is 55 minutes. This class is primarily seated. As the class advances, there will be options for standing for balance. Alternative exercises will be provided for those who do not wish to stand. This class works the body head to toe using a variety of props to assist engagement of muscles. Participants are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and not push past what they may determine as safe and comfortable for their joints and muscles.

Small Group Mat Class

Limited to 4 students, the class length is 55 minutes in length. Traditional Pilates exercises are performed on the floor on mats (provided). Despite being a group class, there will be individual attention for correction and assistance in movements.

Private Session

A private session is 55 minutes in length. Clients work one on one with me. Each session is focused on the client's personal needs and goals of the day and the ongoing goal of advancing in development of a strong, balanced body. The work can be on equipment or mat as the client prefers.

Rossiter Workout for Myofascial Release

This is a private one on one workout. The goal of this workout is to loosen tight, restrictive fascia and thus decreasing pain and increasing range of motion. The time slot reserved for a Rossiter Workout is for 55 minutes.

Class Fees

Private Session (Equipment or Mat):
Single Session : $65
Prepaid 5 session package : $300
Prepaid 10 session package: $530

Mat :
Duet (you and a workout partner) :
$30 each per session
Prepaid 5 session package : $135
Prepaid 10 session package : $250

Group Mat:
$18 per session
Prepaid 5 session package : $80
Prepaid 10 session package : $150

Group Chair Class:
Single Session $10
Prepaid 5 Session: $45
Prepaid 10 Session : $80

Rossiter Workout (myofascial release):
Single session: $65
Prepaid 3 session: $165

Forms for all types of participation should be acquired before hand so as not to cut in to class time.
Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice of Cancellation is required so your time slot can be filled from the waiting list. If you do not show for class without notification, you will be charged for the missed class.  Exceptions for illness or emergency with A.M. notice.

The Rossiter System

Relive - Renew - Restore

Are you frustrated by less than comfortable movement? Painful movement has a huge impact on how you enjoy life and it is not a symptom of NORMAL aging!

Rossiter is a pain relief technique that relieves restrictions caused by compromised connective tissue called fascia, restoring comfortable movement. Richard Rossiter, a Master Rolfer, developed this technique primarily using the weight of his foot on strategic connective tissue pathways while the client stretches in slow, deliberate patterns which releases tight fascial tissue.

Clients experience a sensation of deep release and relaxation after a session. Pain can be significantly reduced or even eliminated in a few short sessions. If your pain syndrome has lead you to consider heavy medications or surgical intervention, give Rossiter a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME - the only Certified Rossiter Practitioner in Northern Arizona
Rossiter Stretching - All natural and Drug Free since 1990

Relieve - Renew - Restore

About Julia

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Hi, I am Julia Bruce!

I have been teaching Pilates since 2014. I am Balanced Body Certified in Mat and Reformer. Additionally, I hold certificates in CoreAlign and Pilates for Neuro-degenerative Disease. I began training in the Rossiter System in 2018 and have completed 4 levels and will soon complete the advanced "Pain Slayer" mastery level for pain relief as well as Primal Pilates, a method for re-training the movements of the body to bring it to the best level of function and balance. I am currently studying to acquire my Certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist. I completed Konnector for the Reformer in October, 2019, an advanced, recent upgrade to the traditional Pilates Reformer that really “konnects” the core to the limbs in a powerful way!

I attend the annual Pilates on Tour Rehab Summit in Tempe to deepen my knowledge base. This Summit brings instructors from all over the world who specialize in a variety of focused exercise plans for conditions including scoliosis, osteoporosis, pelvic floor weakness, neck and low back problems and gait and balance issues to name a few.

I am also a certified Health and Wellness Coach with certifications in Functional and Bio Individual Nutrition. I have a particular passion for Auto-Immune dietary coaching.

It is my passion to help individuals to achieve and maintain healthy, strong, balanced bodies to be able to enjoy their lives to the fullest!


Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor
Trained in Scottsdale at Personalized Pilates under Master Teachers : Anna Jones and Kellee Stooks

Trained with Carrie Lamb, PT through Balanced Body
and through Hayley Healey, Master Instructor at Hayley Healey Movement Progressions Studio of Sedona, Arizona

Exercise for Neurodegenerative Conditions
by Mariska Breland, PMA-CPT

Pfilates Plyometric Pelvic Floor Training
by Bruce Crawford, MD

Konnector tor the Reformer
By Viktor Uygan
Konnector inventor and Master Pilates Instructor

Primal Foundations
by Louise Johns of Primal Movement Works

Functional Nutrition - Functional Nutrition Labs Full Body Systems
by Andrea Nakayama, Master Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Rossiter System (Myofascial Release)
Richard Rossiter, Master Rolfer
Ruth Nottage, Master Instructor
Creator of the Rossiter System

Cancer Exercise Specialist - Pilates
by June Kahn, CPT Physical Mind Institute

Certified Health and Wellness Coach
American Association of Christian Counslors


Functional Nutrition
With Julie Matthews, BS NC @ BioIndividual Nutrition

Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification Course

with Andrea Leonard of Cancer Exercise Training Institute

Advanced Level Rossiter Trainings
by Richard Rossiter, Master Rolfer
Creator of the Rossiter System

Pilates On Tour Rehab Summit

Tempe Arizona - Annual Continuing Education trainings.


My name is Carolyn, I am 78. I began my Pilates sessions with Julia Bruce June 2015. I have been seeing her twice a week ever since. I am not a big fan of exercising. Although I have good intentions, distractions at home and flat out laziness has kept me from doing any exercising at home. I knew if I committed myself to Pilates, I would do what I needed to strengthen my body.

I found Julia to be such a joy, and she is totally devoted to her clients, watching carefully that the exercise’s she teaches are done precisely correct.

When I first began, I not only had to grab the covers in my bed to pull myself out, but I couldn’t get off the reformer without her help. I gradually with persistence and determination have gotten to the point that I am now able to get out of bed with no help from the covers and have no problem getting off the reformer. My legs and ankles are stronger and not only are my arms stronger but I can actually see the muscles in my biceps. My core has improved to the point I no longer find myself slouching. I am sitting strong and upright. WOW. I look forward to my sessions with Julia each week. She is always seeking new ways of helping each client with their particular needs. Not only is she an excellent Pilates instructor, she is also qualified in nutrition. She is always happy to share nutritional needs with her clients. I am so happy to have found her as she has improved my body in so many ways and has not only been my instructor but a true friend that cares. I would recommend her to anyone

Carolyn T.


Julia is EXTREMELY passionate and devoted to her students! I know this to be true because I'm one of them!

Despite not being able to consistently take advantage of her instruction (I've been gleaning from her one on one teaching in the "Gentle Chair" class) due to my busy work schedule, I always walk away feeling physically and emotionally pumped after taking a class with her. I have Multiple Sclerosis. At this stage of the game I consider my condition to be on the "mild" end of the spectrum.

Julia gives me personalized instruction geared towards my abilities and goals. She is my awesome cheerleader during both my in class time and beyond! I love that she's always increasing her knowledge in the Pilates world and that she takes advantage of personal instruction and seminars/conferences (whether they are local events or states away) - that way she can better help her students!

I would HIGHLY
recommend Julia if you're desiring to improve your overall health!

Susan S.

We feature advanced, high quality Balanced Body equipment to assist you in achieving advanced, high quality results.

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My Studio Equipment includes a Clinical Reformer with Tower, a Combo Chair, an Exo Chair, a Ladder Barrel a CoreAlign, Mats, Chairs for seated classes and miscellaneous props to enhance equipment, seated and mat workouts. I have recently upgraded my Reformer to a Konnector Reformer which takes Pilates Reformer work to a dynamic new level with both independent and simultaneous movement of both arms and legs. The single rope/pulley, 4 strap system engages the entire body, providing constant proprioceptive feedback and facilitates stronger core activation than the traditional two strap reformer.

The Combo and Exo Chairs are similar in function in balance training and core stability, however the differences offer variations in more challenging movement exercises. The Combo Chair has upright handles that allow for extra balance support as well as armwork challenges, while the Exo Chair integrates the option of stretch bands to increase resistance work which helps the brain integrate movement patterns that carry into practical life activities.

The Ladder Barrel is a fantastic tool for stretching the whole body as well as developing abdominal and spinal muscle strengthening.

The CoreAlign, although not a traditional Pilates design, utilizes carts attached to resistance cords to stand on while having a secure ladder to hold on to, applying Pilates based movements in a primarily upright posture. The CoreAlign was developed by a Physical Therapist that saw the need to transition patients to successful reintegration of normal, healthy movement patterns after their injury focused rehabilitation.

Mat class is focused on the traditional work of Joseph Pilates on the floor using the body as resistance which builds fantastic core stability and a long, lean, functional musculature and postural balance.

Lastly, the Seated Class is for those who want a safe place to start getting back to the habit of exercise where they can strengthen core and limb muscles and develop coordination and balance in an upbeat and encouraging environment.

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We feature advanced equipment to simplify your achieving advanced results.

Contact us

If you have any questions or for more information on any of our classes or to request a specific class, please fill out the form below. If you would like to speak to Julia directly, you may call her
at 928-899-8661.


Conveniently Located At:

Arising Hope Wellness
1055 Ruth Street, Suite 8
Prescott, Arizona 86314-1740